Photographers Credit (SET 1)

Classic Dip
Eugen Kertesz

True Love
Photographer: Krista Rogue Benjamin

Toronto Gambit – Peter Horswill

Cosplay/Modeling Questions

How did you get the name handle/gamertag:

Rogue is mah middle name, but it is a handle used by many fantastic performers out there. Rogue is known for her habit of being on the run and needing to start over. Ah started mah life over in Toronto an’ its where ah’m based, so ah chose it as the preface to mah cosplay identity.

You have been cosplay/modeling for a while now. What got you interested in cosplay/modeling?

Ah’ve been interested in theatre, costumes an’ performance all my life. Ah’ve also always been interested in X-Men all mah life. It jus’ took me a little while to put two and two together.

Who is your favorite photographer?

Peter Parker.

What are your obsessions?

In life or leisure? Ah’ve got many. Theatre, costuming, stage combat an’ almost anything performance based has been the foundation on which ah’ve built mah life. Shakespeare has always been dear to mah heart, as have Marvel comics an’ most Disney. Aside from that right now in life ah’m obsessed with American Sign Language and am currently perusing that in post-secondary.

What Cosplay do you have planned for the future?
A gal’s gotta have her secrets 😉

What is your dream cosplay (if you had unlimited finances and time to pull it off)

Mah dream cosplay was an’ is Rogue… If ah had unlimited finances and time, this list would be a mile long. There are so many fantastic characters out there ah could never pick just one, ah guess ah would mostly focus on finishing every Rogue suit out there!

Geek/Video Game Questions:

What was your first video game (when, and what console)?

The Legend of Zelda, NES

What was your first Table-Top game (and when)?

Chess, mah father taught me to play when ah quite young, although Risk came not long thereafter.

What is your favorite video game?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, N64 – it is the best game. Period. However Kingdom Hearts on PS2 made up a substantial portion of mah teenage years!

What is your favorite type of video game? (rpg, fps, etc)

Classic Platform

When did you first realize that you were a geek/nerd?

Ah can’t say ah ever realized it… ah just have fun, an if that makes me a geek – cool!

I’d like to thank you for your time, and if any photographers, want to talk to you about modeling where should they go?

Thank you Sugah! And the best place to reach me is either mah facebook or e-mail ah check both daily


Photographers Credit (SET 2)

Mystique or Rogue?
Photographer: Jonathan Pang
Body Paint: Roxy Lee GG & Beth McLeod

Toronto Rogue Patrolling City Hall
Photographer: Joseph Leduc, Norm Cheung Photography Club

Photographer: Karen Adams, Norm Cheung Photography Club

Rogue’s Day Off Duty
Photographer: Grant Sutherland

Photographer: Peter Horswill

Sailor Moon
Photographer: DROO

Zombie Rogue
Photographer: Peter Horswill