Modeling Questions:

How did you get the name handle/gamertag:

I was trying to come up with a name/tag that well sounded like a name, so I fooled around a little on some websites that list the meaning of names till I found “Evie” which also happened to match the title of my favorite anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion), so I ended up with Evie Evangelion

You have been modeling for a while now. What got you interested in modeling?

I have only done a little modeling as compared to cosplay photography, I like it and I’m somewhat interested in doing more, but I find that I enjoy cosplaying and the photos I get from it, more than straight modeling photos.
Who is your favorite photographer?

What are your obsessions?

I have a lot, the first big one is Art because it was anime and comics that got me interested in drawing and it’s what I’m going to school for now. Video Games are another big one for me, for a long time I was very much in love with any form of escapist media, (games/books/comics/sci-fi/fantasy) and while I still love those things now it’s not so much for their escapist qualities.

Geek/Video Game Questions:

What was your first video game (when, and what console)?

Saga Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog, I was very young though, like no more then 4, the first game I played and loved and understood was really Chrono Trigger (on the snes)

What was your first Table-Top game (and when)?

3D snake and ladder, and again I would have been super young.

What is your favorite video game?

That’s Easy, Chrono Cross, I love that game so much!

What is your favorite type of video game? (rpg, fps, etc)

Almost anything, RPGs are the top of the list, both j-rpgs and western ones. I like shoots too and fighting games a lot as well (there good for stress)

When did you first realize that you were a geek/nerd?

Hard to say, I guess I started really thinking of myself as a nerd around 8th grade, so I would have been about 13.

I’d like to thank you for your time, and if any photographers, want to talk to you about modeling where should they go?
They should check out my Facebook page or my DA and send me a message there

Photographer Credit

Photography credit



Trillance Photography:

Artistic Curves: