This is me (left) with comedian, writer, podcaster and King of all Nerds, Chris Hardwick, at a reading and signing  of "The Nerdist Way" at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon

This is me (left) with comedian, writer, podcaster and King of all Nerds, Chris Hardwick, at a reading and signing of “The Nerdist Way” at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon [Click to Enlarge]

My name is Matt Jacobs, but I go by AlloyMatt on the internets. I have been blogging and podcasting since 2009 and recently started delving into vlogging. I am a proud nerd that is happily married to a not as proud nerd. My beard is awesome! I am the Table Top Titan and Science Correspondent here at Nerd Titan! I will be bringing you weekly reviews of table top games and “Sci-Fri” (Science Friday; I know, #TitleWin!) posts.

Table Top Titan: I am a huge fan of table top games and prefer them over video games, although I LOVE the Portal series. I have a little group of friends that gets together every week to game and nerd out on stuff. I have a pretty decent collection of games, know several game developers and even have a game in development myself. I find out about a lot of stuff while it is still in the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo phase of development, which I love because I can get in on the ground floor of some amazing games. My top 10 table top games (in varying order) are:

  1. Real Gamers MemeTicket to Ride
  2. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer
  3. Cards Against Humanity
  4. Munchkin
  5. Settelers of Catan
  6. Ruse
  7. Zombie Dice
  8. Elder Sign
  9. Kaiju City
  10. We Didn’t Playtest This

“Sci-Fri”; Science Friday: My sciencey type stuff tends to orbit around space related things (pun, unfortunately, intended) but I sometimes delve into other things that might be trending in pop culture and such, like zombies and doomsday theories. I am, by no means, a scientist. I am a science hobbyist, however, and a nerd to boot (surprise). What this means is that I will find out about a thing that interests me and research it exhaustively via the interweb. I comb through wiki, for a general idea of the thing and then spend hours fact checking that stuff. Believe it or not, not everything on Wikipedia is entirely accurate. #LeGasp! I then take that information and post it on my blog (or here) for other people to read and enjoy. To me, that sounds a lot like what people do in classes. I like to think of it as getting an internetucation. My first “Sci-Fri” post this coming Friday will be meant to show you some amazing podcasts and webshows that I subscribe to for some of the sciencey type stuff that I love.

KeepCalmNerdOnNerd Cred: I know that some nerds demand that other nerds prove their nerd credibility, so here you go.

I’m not sure if anyone but me knows of the existence of a part live action, part animated movie called ‘The Phantom Toll Booth”, but I believe that movie is the origin of my nerdiness. It came out in the 70’s and I first saw it when I was ~8 years-old. It taught me about the Fibonacci Series and I still use my memory of that movie to remind me the difference between “whether” and “weather”. I was heartbroken when I recently started searching for the movie and couldn’t find it on DVD or for download anywhere. I did manage to find it on YouTube, however, and was pumped! I have been a Star Trek: TNG fan since it was originally airing back in my youth. It started when I was ~9 years old and got the chicken pox. I stayed home from school for a week and watched ST:TNG episodes on TV and was hooked! When I was ~10 years-old, I found my dad’s stash of horror/suspense comic books and became enthralled by them. I still read comics today and still have many of those “Twilight Zone” and “Boris Karloff: Tales of Mystery” comics that belonged to my dad. These days, I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock and pretty much anything Chris Hardwick does. I have an unhealthy obsession with Twitter, so that is where I spend a lot of time. I also happen to be an Apple fanboy, so feel free to hate me for that, should you choose. I have a regular game group and really love writing!

I will be backposting a bunch of stuff that I wrote for the “Legit Low-Tech’ segment of Nerd Titan’s previous incarnation, CoinOpKids, over the next week or so (it really is a lot), so stay tuned for that stuff coming in the near future. Once all of the stuff has been backposted, I will put up a post with links to all the table top related stuff, and a separate post for all the science related stuff. That will give those interested a place to start exploring our back log. I have some amazing stuff planned for the future and hope you enjoy it!

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